Sic Semper Tyrannis


Thus Always to Tyrants

King George County

Constitutional Militia

​King George, Virginia

King George County Constitutional Militia
King George, Virginia

The King George Militia has Formed!

American patriots from King George, Spotsylvania, and Hanover counties met on Saturday 17 October to inaugurate the King George County Constitutional Militia.  We were blessed with fantastic weather and a great turn-out for the first-ever meeting.  The Chaplain gave thanks to God for his blessings, the Commanding Officer delivered a 'big picture' speech that addressed (among other things) the historical and present-day need for a militia in our county, and the Executive Officer delivered a more 'nuts and bolts' kind of speech that addressed the standup of this unit.  A Question-and-Answer session followed until everyone's questions were addressed.

The major themes of the presentations and subsequent discussions focused on how to ensure that this militia is built correctly from the beginning, how we can support our local communities, the opportunities and limitations when supporting local law enforcement, and what future training events will take place.  As this unit matures those issues will be more fully addressed.

The militia leadership has now rolled into planning for the next meeting scheduled for Saturday 31 October.  More information to follow both on this website and via e-mail.  In the interim, everyone that attended this Muster Call is encouraged to contact their like-minded Patriot friends, share with them your thoughts of this event, and encourage them to join us on the 31st.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

For more information email King George County Constitutional Militia at: info@kgmilitia.org