King George County Constitutional Militia
King George, Virginia

Militia Muster Call - 17 October 2020

​Speech from the Executive Officer

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I am the unit's Executive Officer.  I want to thank you for coming to this first Muster Call of the King George County Constitutional Militia.  I also want to thank you for being the American patriot that you are by attending this event.

As the XO I want to give you some information about the “nuts and bolts” of this militia as we have conceived it, pass on some things about training and mission sets, and say a word about personal kit and clothing.


The unit’s organization is set up to be flexible depending upon how many individuals are in the unit.  Unit structure, leadership makeup, and individual roles are expected to change as the unit is established, members decide that they want to participate, and new position needs are identified.  Adapting to change -especially with regard to organization- will be required for everyone as we stand up this new unit, it is akin to “building the airplane as we fly it”.  Suggestions for how to do things are welcome but please do use the leadership structure (i.e., chain of command) to share those ideas.

Our militia unit will follow standard infantry organization.  Echelons will be determined by how large the organization becomes, including the 4-person Fire Team as the smallest element, 3 Fire Teams make up a Squad, 3 Squads make up a Platoon, and 4 Platoons make up a Company (180-persons).  Each echelon will have a leader; each leader will be responsible for their teammates.  The Unit Structure graphic in the By-Laws posted online has more information.

Initially only a handful of unit positions have been filled.  Filled positions include CO, XO, Logistics Officer, Public Affairs Officer, etc.  This interim structure enabled the team to write foundational documents, build a website, meet with community leaders, and get things started.

The information provided on the membership application form will be used to temporarily appoint people to various positions.  The intent is merely to identify those with previous military experience and leverage expertise during the start-up.  Initial appointments will be made to temporarily fill positions until such time as a more deliberate succession plan is crafted (through voting, or board of review, etc.).  Some members may be asked to fill more than one position due to their cross-functional expertise (for example, I am the XO and the Communications Officer due to my website and ham radio background).

In the future, people should expect to rotate through different positions in order to develop cross-trained leaders, find who best ‘fits’ into a position, develop servant leaders – people that want to serve the unit/mission regardless of position, and provide training drawn from experienced members providing instruction to the newer members regardless of their position.

Unit Membership

The Virginia Code specifies that the ‘unorganized militia’ is composed of citizens of the United States, able-bodied residents of the Commonwealth, and individuals must be at least 16 years of age and not more than 55 years of age.

The Virginia Code further specifies that whenever the Governor orders out the unorganized militia or any part thereof, it shall be incorporated into the Virginia Defense Force until relieved from service.  Therefore, members of the unorganized militia unit must have no felony convictions and be of good moral character.

There are additional factors we have identified that impacts the Virginia Code’s application to our particular militia’s participation, specifically we will consider persons over 55 years of age but want to support the militia mission, we have concern regarding minors under 18 years of age associated with firearms, we recognize the requirement that Concealed Carry Permit holders must be 21 years of age, and we know of persons with an interest in supporting the militia mission but not in an armed defense capacity.

This militia unit will leverage the fact that a concealed carry permit holder has been recognized as someone that does not have any felony convictions and is of good moral character.  Therefore the background check used to obtain a concealed carry permit will be used to ‘vet’ militia applicants.  Many do not have a Concealed Carry Permit so we will make accommodations.  Training opportunities will be created so that those applicants that do not have concealed carry permits can obtain them.

Mission set

Virginia Code specifies that when ordered out for service the ‘unorganized militia’ may be called upon to perform four mission types:

  • execute the law,
  • suppress riots or insurrections,
  • repel invasion, and 
  • aid in any form of disaster wherein the lives or property of citizens are imperiled or may be imperiled.

Outside of the Virginia Governor activating the ‘unorganized militia,’ as private citizens we can take it upon ourselves to:

  • defend the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights,
  • defend the Virginia Constitution and Bill of Rights,
  • support the observance of U.S. and Virginia laws, and
  • support search and rescue events, casualty drill exercises, and other support tasks for the community

The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits direct military involvement in law enforcement and is in keeping with long-standing U.S. law and policy limiting the military’s role in domestic affairs.

  • In the capacity of a military organization, a militia unit is generally prohibited from direct participation in law enforcement activities.

  • In the capacity of a private citizen, however, a militia member can voluntarily assist law enforcement to conduct their duties.

  • In the capacity of a private organization, a militia unit can voluntarily mobilize itself and encourage its members to independently assist law enforcement to conduct their duties


Standing up a new militia organization will require training for all, including training the militia’s leaders how to lead, training the militia’s members how to conduct specific mission-related tasks, and  developing and practicing procedures for the organization to become functional

The first foundation for all militia members will be training to understand what is proper, right, and legal.  A focus area will be to develop good judgment and decision-making in militia members.  Another focus area will be to develop team-based orientation such that individual actions are part of a unit – a visual example is drill and ceremony exercises.  Role-playing to develop core knowledge for what should be done “in the heat of the moment.”  Such is necessary for effective mission completion.  This will also ensure the safety of the militia and community.

Militia members will then learn operational knowledge, skills, and abilities through:

  • ‘execute the law’ mission training,
  • ‘suppress riots or insurrections’ mission training,
  • ‘repel invasion’ mission training,
  • logistics functions training,
  • communications functions training,
  • intelligence functions training, and
  • training for providing disaster aid to imperiled citizens or property.

The most important mission sets we will train for are under the topic of “Defense of Constitutions and Rights,” therefore training will include reading the US Constitution, Preambles to Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the Bill of Rights, and reading the Virginia Constitution and Bill of Rights

Equipment and Uniform

We have not yet solidified uniform requirements outside of the general guidance that is posted online in the By-Laws, which include olive drab (OD Green) cargo pants (with cargo pockets), a green long sleeve shirt with front pockets, and /or camouflage t-shirt, and boots that support the ankle.

At this point, any equipment you bring is up to you, including vests, backpacks, load-bearing equipment, canteens, etc., but whatever you bring needs to be functional, compact, durable, and subdued in color.

You are encouraged to bring your rifle.  The rifle must be serviceable, we recommend a standard caliber (e.g., 5.56 mm), and you should allocate 400 rounds of ammunition to be “on hand” in case is needed.  ALWAYS carry firearms in a safe manner (magazine removed, pointed down, etc.).  All costs associated with uniforms, equipment, ammunition, etc. are all borne by the unit member.


The King George County Constitutional Militia is looking to RECRUIT American patriots with:

  • love of country,
  • love of community,
  • desire to ensure the safety and security of both country and community,
  • willingness to learn how to do new things, and 
  • willingness to work as a member of a team.

Who are we looking to EXCLUDE from our ranks:

  • anyone who might bring discredit to our organization due to their personal behavior,
  • anyone desiring to overthrow the government, whether it be local, state, or federal,
  • anyone who is a member of an anti-government, anti-law enforcement, or supremacist group of any type, and 
  • anyone solely focused on firearms training (while firearms training is important it will be only a portion of what we will do; the militia is not a suitable substitute for a gun club.)

If the previous comments give you the impression that this organization is something that you wish to be a part of then I encourage you to turn in your membership application form.  Applications will be used to form up the unit organization going forward.  We will be in contact with you soon thereafter.

We will be mustering to train as soon as possible- fact is, we are looking at 2 weeks from now.  Again, I want to thank you for your interest in the King George County Constitutional Militia.  At this point everyone is dismissed.  Please ensure to turn in your membership application at the tables.


Sic Semper Tyrannis


Thus Always to Tyrants

King George County

Constitutional Militia

​King George, Virginia