King George County Constitutional Militia
King George, Virginia

Militia Muster Call - 17 October 2020

Opening Prayer from the Chaplain

Dear heavenly Father,

  • Grant your direction to these your servants who are gathered together to defend their families, their neighborhoods, their county, state, and nation.

  • Provide the training and tools needed, that they may help bring peace and stability to our land.

  • Make them bold when challenging times arise.

  • Give them courage in the face of danger and fear.

  • May their dedication and dependability be an inspiration to others.

  • Lead them in their work and service that true justice and peace may prevail.

  • Send your holy angels to protect them wherever they may roam

  • And when their time of service is ended, bring them safely home.

  • Amen.

  •           -Chaplain
  •           +Soli Deo Gloria+


Sic Semper Tyrannis


Thus Always to Tyrants

King George County

Constitutional Militia

​King George, Virginia